Consult the BookOracle

Consult the BookOracle

The BookOracle, at your service!

”A good bookstore isn’t just a place to buy books.
The really good ones are bespoke tailoring for your narrative impulse.”

So let us tailor YOUR narrative impulse! Just fill in the BookOracle form below and you’re on your way. Our knowledgeable staff is standing by ready to assist. 

Personal recommendations by actual book lovers – not an algorithm! Can’t beat that!

» List 3 books you love and enter your contact info.
» We will then direct your request to the staff person most suitable to your tastes.
» You will get a list of perfect suggestions sent to you (even ones you don’t think are perfect – are in fact perfect!)
» Choose books from this list of recommendations to order.
» We then deliver them to you or you pick them up at one of our shops.

Let’s see what the Oracle has in store for your reading...

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